Tariff Models in the Mobile Video Era: Recommendations for Operators

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Report Summary:

One in three mobile operators offers tariff options to stimulate mobile video use, including unlimited data plans and zero-rated bundles linked to video streaming services. Those operators are recording faster traffic, service revenue and EBITDA growth than the two-thirds who have yet to address this market opportunity. This report analyses the impact of unlimited data on operator performance and customer behavior, and provides a framework for operators to evaluate the role for unlimited data in their strategic growth plans.
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Market Trends: Mobile Video is Gaining Momentum in the Global Market
2.1 Mobile Video Traffic is Growing Fast as Innovative Video Services Emerge
2.2 Data Tariffs are a Major Barrier to Mobile Video Adoption in Many Regions
3. Mobile Tariff Strategies: Approaches and Best Practices from Around the Globe
3.1 Status of Mobile Tariff Models in Key Regions
3.1.1 Volume-Oriented Tariffs
3.1.2 Experience-Oriented Tariffs
3.1.3 Mixed Volume and Experience Tariffs
3.2 Analyzing the Impact of Unlimited Data in the US, South Korea and Europe
3.2.1 Increasing Use of Video
3.2.2 Wi-Fi Demand Mix Decreasing
3.2.3 Unlimited Data is Not the End of Profitability
3.2.4 Unlimited Data Must Be Built on Strong Network Foundations
3.3 Market Structure Review: Are You Ready for Unlimited Data?
3.3.1 Market and Network Development Phase
3.3.2 Market Position
3.3.3 Customer Demand
3.3.4 Strategic Direction
3.3.5 Competitive Positioning and Competitor Tariff Introductions
3.3.6 Regional Perspectives
4. Summary & Recommendations: Tariff Strategies to Help Grow the Mobile (Video) Business
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