How will COVID-19 Impact Mobile Service Providers?

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Report Summary:

Growing uncertainty surrounding the evolution path of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, on the verge of being classified as a pandemic by the WHO, represents a significant operational challenge for the mobile ecosystem. At this stage, we believe the impact on consumer confidence as well as consumption of mobile services will be modest. Mobile services revenue growth will slow but unless we see a surge in new infections and failure of containment procedures, we expect a slowing of mobile service revenue growth rather than a decline. A return to the (-4%) declines in W. Europe and (-1.7%) globally in revenue in the great recession in 2009 seems unlikely. Nevertheless, vigilance is critical and operators should consider promoting digital engagement around device upgrades and prepare for some reduced roaming revenue.
Table of Contents

COVID-19 Is Already Impacting Mobile Device Volumes
Operators Will By Impacted by a Reduction in Travel and Must Respond to Changes in Consumer Behavior
5G Network Rollout Plans are Re-Starting in China with Other Regions Seeing Minimal Infrastructure Impact
Mobile Service Providers Should Follow Local Consumer Sentiment Closely
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