Author: Angela Toal

Co Author: Josie Sephton

Publication Date: 12月 22 2017

Pages: 8

Report Type: Benchmark


OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking Q417


Report Summary:

The Q4 2017 update of the OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking service is now available for download.

The service covers 72 operators across 36 countries and includes results for the 11 official OECD mobile voice and data baskets, both at a country and a provider level. It is also possible to produce a customised subset of results using the built-in functionality within the system.

The number of plans within the system totals 2,942, up from 2,922 in Q3 2017. The number of prepaid packages makes up 28% of all plans, while 82% of all packages are residential offerings. Almost 70% of all plans include some free data allowance.

For a low to mid-range user – 100 calls + 500 MB, the average cost per month across the 36 countries is USD PPP 20.38, with the cheapest offering coming from KT in Korea, Tele2 in Sweden, and Post in Luxembourg.  The most expensive offerings are from T-Mobile in Hungary and O2, Czech Republic. A user in Czech Republic (the most expensive country) will pay over 7 times the cost paid by a user in Korea (the cheapest country). For high usage, 100 call + 2GB per month, Sweden’s Tele2 Comviq has the cheapest offer, at just under USD PPP 10 per month, while Rogers in Canada takes up the most expensive slot. The OECD average for this basket is USD PPP 27. When reviewing such results, it is important to consider the underlying pricing structures, which are available to view within the system.

Additional operators in selected countries are available on request as part of the OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking Premium Service.

Historical pricing for the OECD countries over several years is also available. Strategy Analytics also produces mobile voice and data analysis on specific geographical regions, including Latin America, Eastern Europe Africa. Please contact us for more details.

If you have any difficulty using any of the functions within OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking, or would like more information on how to get the most out of the system, we are available to help.

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