Author: Halvor Sannaes

Publication Date: 10月 24 2016

Report Type: Teligen


OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking - August 2016


Report Summary:

As of August 2016, the number of plans in the Teligen OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking service totalled 3,003, down from 3,202 in May 2016. The number of prepaid packages is just over 25% of all plans, while 83% of all packages are residential offerings. Around 68% of all plans include some free data allowance.

For this update, mobile operators Claro and Movistar in Colombia have been added, in preparation for Colombia’s accession to the OECD, and will be included in future updates. This brings the total number of countries covered to 36.

In terms of functionality, there have been no changes for this update. In the May update, however, there were two important changes, as described below.

The system now includes a new Custom sheet, which allows users to easily create customised baskets. Within the customised basket facility, users can vary the number of calls, call distribution by type of call and time of day, and call length, as well as the number of SMSs and amount of data used. The result can then be viewed for these custom settings either within the Custom sheet, or within Country or Provider results sheets. Within the Custom sheet, it is also possible to select a subset of the countries covered, rather than the full 35 countries. A Custom User Guide sheet has been included, outlining how to use each of the settings in the Custom sheet.

The system now also includes a facility to allow multiple SMS add-ons if the basket requires more SMS than the largest SMS package can offer. This capability is limited to SMS packages with less than 1000 SMS. There is a switch on the Main page to activate this facility. This has also been included on the Country or Provider results sheets, for convenience. The switch is turned off as default, for consistency with previous updates.

If you have any difficulty using any of the functions within OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking, or would like more information on how to get the most out of the system, we are available to help.

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