Teligen has a long history of successfully serving some of the most demanding organisations in the telecoms market, with many of our clients often coming back to us for repeat and follow-on studies.

Drawing on our extensive range of off-the-shelf services, and our depth of expertise, we can develop bespoke advanced systems or research new markets to meet your requirements. We provide:

Historic and current pricing and tariff reviews across retail services globally, to show price development and current price positioning in different markets;

Analysis of price structures and discounts, to enable assessment of key approaches in pricing, and how these affect end-user costs

Price benchmarking studies based on both internationally recognized OECD benchmarking methodologies or tailored approaches to allow comparison of end-user costs across providers and markets alike.

Multiplay benchmarking - an extension of our traditional price benchmarking capability, underpinned by a tailored, robust methodology, to provide a cost comparison of multiple telecoms services in different markets.

Teligen's consultants work with clients to answer such questions as:

How do broadband prices compare with competitor prices across multiple markets?
What is the most cost-effective way to bundle services for typical households in a country, and how does this compare with other countries?
How do mobile voice and data offerings compare to those of key competitors, based on different user profiles, and how does the outcome change with variations in usage?
How have prices and service conditions for mobile broadband changed in key markets of operation?
What types of offering for mobile voice and handset data are emerging in different regions, and what does this mean for end users?

 Teligen Consulting Distinctions

Widely recognized as the leading pricing and benchmarking specialists, our consulting success is driven by a number of key elements:

A wealth of in-house pricing data and systems, that underpin many of our bespoke projects
A dedicated in-house team of Teligen tariff experts, with a deep knowledge of pricing in the telecoms industry, spanning mobile and fixed voice and data services.
An in-depth understanding of pricing and benchmarking methodologies, which is enhanced by our close relationship with OECD
Our ability to fully handle data collection, tariff analysis, system design and development, and project management

Examples of our work:

Proprietary price data for a multinational operator
Annual custom updates over a ten-year period for fixed voice, mobile voice and national digital leased line tariffs for a multinational operator.
Bespoke fixed broadband price analysis for a European ISP.
Extending Teligen's OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking system to cover over 100 ISPs across the EU27 countries for both standalone and bundled services, and developing and incorporating customised baskets.
Multi-play study for a national regulator.
Development of a comprehensive, proprietary multiplay system for fixed and mobile voice, fixed and mobile broadband and TV, including development of customised baskets reflecting typical communications usage in different households, and subsequent price benchmark across 6 countries.

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