Author: Johanna Helgadottir

Publication Date: 10月 16 2018

Pages: 8

Report Type: Teligen


OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Q318

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Report Summary:

OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking Q3 2018:

New addition to ultrafast basket enters as most expensive!

The latest update for the OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking service is now available for download, and includes 2,517 standalone and bundled broadband plans from 132 providers across 41 countries.

In Austria the integration of Tele2 to Drei has been complete. Current customers have been moved onto Drei plans and new customers can avail themselves of the new Drei Austria offerings. The provider is hoping to make an impact in the market and is showing up as very cheap in our lower usage baskets. In other news, the Mexican provider Cablemas has changed its name to Izzi and Vodafone has been added to the Italian market data.

In the latest OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking update we discover that plans with speeds of 1GB/s are available in 28 of the 41 countries included. In October 2017, 23 countries had plans of this speed.

With usage of up to 900GB per month and speed of 1Gb/s it is interesting to note that new entrant CYTAnet in Cyprus goes straight to the bottom thereby offering the most expensive plans in this particular basket. Hungary pushes up to the top with the cheapest offer from DIGI. Italy was also in the top section a year ago but we now see new addition Vodafone, rather than FastWeb as the cheapest Italian provider at this speed. Lithuania, which has been offered a membership to the OECD, is firmly lower price section.


This is only a snapshot of the data and capabilities that are available in the OECD Fixed Broadband Price Benchmarking system.

For further insights into global fixed broadband pricing, current subscribers can download the latest system. If you need any assistance with using the system, please contact us.

If you do not subscribe to the service, but would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to help.




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