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Author: Phil Kendall
Publication Date: 6月 28 2013
Pages: 121
Report Type: Metrics, Excel



Wireless Operator Performance Benchmarking Q1 2013

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Report Summary:

Mobile service revenues grew 2% globally in Q1 2013 as the voice market continued to contract and SMS/messaging revenues fell below 30% of all data revenues. Despite weakness in Western Europe, profit margins improved globally, helped by operator strategies to more effectively manage subsidies. This data table tracks the operational and financial performance of 223 active wireless operators, which collectively account for 78% of the world's cellular subscriptions.
Table of Contents

    1. Key Point Conclusions
    2. Country Subscriptions
    3. All Operator Subscriptions
    4. All Operator Subscription Market Shares
    5. Country Penetration
    6. Subscriptions
    7. Market Share
    8. Net Additions
    9. Market Share of Net Additions
    10. Total Postpaid Subscriptions
    11. Total Prepaid Subscriptions
    12. Prepaid Share of Subscriptions
    13. Prepaid Share of Net Additions
    14. Gross Additions
    15. Monthly Churn Rate
    16. Postpaid Monthly Churn Rate
    17. Prepaid Monthly Churn Rate
    18. Service Revenues
    19. Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
    20. Postpaid ARPU
    21. Prepaid ARPU
    22. Voice Revenue
    23. Data Revenue
    24. Monthly Voice ARPU
    25. Monthly Data ARPU
    26. Data as a % of ARPUs
    27. Non-Messaging Data ARPU
    28. SMS/Messaging as % Data ARPUs
    29. Smartphone Share of All Subscriptions
    30. Smartphone Share of Postpaid Subscriptions
    31. Average Minutes of Use (MOU) - Outgoing and Incoming
    32. Total Traffic Minutes - Outgoing and Incoming
    33. Voice Revenue per Minute
    34. EBITDA
    35. EBITDA Margin
    36. Average Margin per User (AMPU)
    37. Operational Expenditure
    38. OPEX per Subscription
    39. CAPEX
    40. CAPEX as % Service Revenues
    41. CAPEX per Net Addition
    42. CAPEX per Additional Traffic Minute
    43. Simple Free Cash Flow
    44. Service Revenues - Variable Exchange Rate
    45. ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    46. Postpaid ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    47. Prepaid ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    48. Voice Revenue - Variable Exchange Rate
    49. Data Revenue - Variable Exchange Rate
    50. Monthly Voice ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    51. Monthly Data ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    52. Data as a % of ARPUs - Variable Exchange Rate
    53. Non-Messaging Data ARPU - Variable Exchange Rate
    54. SMS/Messaging as % Data ARPUs - Variable Exchange Rate
    55. Voice Revenue per Minute - Variable Exchange Rate
    56. EBITDA - Variable Exchange Rate
    57. EBITDA Margin - Variable Exchange Rate
    58. Average Margin per User (AMPU) - Variable Exchange Rate
    59. Operational Expenditure - Variable Exchange Rate
    60. OPEX per Subscription - Variable Exchange Rate
    61. CAPEX - Variable Exchange Rate
    62. CAPEX as % Service Revenues - Variable Exchange Rate
    63. CAPEX per Net Addition - Variable Exchange Rate
    64. CAPEX per Additional Traffic Minute - Variable Exchange Rate
    65. Simple Free Cash Flow - Variable Exchange Rate
    66. Coverage
    67. Methodoloy, Definitions and Exchange Rates

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