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Author: Sue Rudd
Publication Date: 12月 20 2021
Pages: 18
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5G Signaling and Control Plane Traffic Depends on Service Communications Proxy (SCP)


Report Summary:

Network Signaling is about to change dramatically as 5G Standalone (SA) is deployed at scale in late 2021 and 2022.

In 5G, network signaling is no longer a separate network like SS7 or Diameter. Signaling shares the Control Plane with all other Inter-Process Communications using HTTPS/HTTP/2 protocols.

In 3GPP Release 16 the Service Communication Proxy (SCP) becomes the routing control point that mediates all signaling and Control Plane messages in the network core. SCP plays a critical role in optimizing routing of NF discovery requests to the Network Repository Function (NRF) and in overall load balancing, traffic prioritization and message management.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to plan for at least two orders of magnitude increase in signaling traffic with 5G SA. And SCP can improve Control Plane efficiency by 30%. CSPs are just beginning to appreciate the key role SCP plays in enabling dynamic routing and management of millions of simultaneous Control Plane message flows and signaling transactions to assure service performance and profitability.

Table of Contents

I. Network Signaling Overview – 5G Changes Everything

II. 5G Signaling and 3GPP Release 16

  • Evolution of Signaling
  • Critical Role of Network Repository Function (NRF) in 5G Signaling
  • Control Plane is shared by multiple traffic types with diverse priorities
  • Potential Bottleneck for requests to NRF
  • Centralized Routing is Required
  • Alternative 5G Signa
  • etwork Models
  • ling NBenefits of SCP Routing, Load Optimization and Delivery Assurance

III. SCP Plays Key Role in 5G Standalone (SA) Services

  • SCP Helps address Major Challenges for 5G Standalone (SA) services

1. Massive Scalability for Signaling Transactions

  • 5G SA Traffic Load on Control Plane will be very High and potentially very ‘Bursty’ comparable to ‘Signaling Storms’
  • Signaling Storms in 5G SA will impact the Control Plane

2.   Multi-Generation Network Service Support

  • 2G,3G, 4G and IP services – SS7 and Diameter will survive for many years
  • Seamless Delivery of Converged 4G and 5G Services

3.   End to End Service Delivery across Multiple-Domains

  • Multi-Carrier Domain Networking
  • Intercarrier Signaling – Multiple Carrier Domains

4.   Security for Signaling Network Itself

  • Roaming Signaling Attacks
  • Edge Security


IV.  State of 5G Network Signaling and CSP Adoption

  • 5G SCP Deployment will accelerate alongside 5G Standalone (SA)
  • State of 5G SA Deployment determines adoption of SCP
  • SCP Deployment
  • China Telecom has launched commercial SCP enabled capabilities
  • SSK Telecom implementing SCP for 5G SA Control Plane Efficiency in South Korea
  • Pre-5G SCP-based software already pre-Deployed for Converged 5G SA signaling on Day Zero
  • SCP Is generating Return on Investment (ROI) for Operators

V.   Service Communications Proxy (SCP) - Leading Vendors

  • Leading 5G Signaling Vendors: Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Oracle
  • Potential Threats to Largest Vendors.

VI.       Conclusion

  • Summary of the Benefits 5G Service Communications Proxy (SCP) Brings
  • Analyst Contact

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