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Author: Sue Rudd
Publication Date: 1月 30 2017
Pages: 7
Report Type: Insight, Word



5G CAN deliver TV Service efficiently by leveraging New Radio (NR) with ‘Trunking’, vRAN, Small Cells & Backhaul etc.

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Report Summary:


Despite the ongoing hype of 5G capabilities, the most real business case that operators - in China, Germany, Spain UK, US and even developing countries are focused on is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) also referred to as WTTx - to compare it to FTTX.
While it is clear that 5G can deliver Internet access and even 20 Mbps streaming downloads to homes and businesses, many operators are reluctant to announce that 5G can deliver linear TV service efficiently as a complement to fiber or cable in rural and underserved areas. 
This insight suggests that it is time to include TV delivery as an ‘Anchor’ Use case for 5G.

Table of Contents


Trunking/Multiplexing of TV traffic could provide at least 2X-4X capacity'

  • Beamforming and Massive MIMO act as virtual multiplexers

Flexible Assignment of Mobile Backhaul will enable 5G TV delivery

New RAN Architectures for dense mesh of small Cells can connect fiber directly to C-RAN clusters

Is the Technology Available? Operators are demonstrating deployable systems

  • Deutsche Telekom has demonstrated 5G Multi-User and Radio Network Slicing.
  • Huawei has now announced WTTx 2.0
  • Telefonica has tested Flexible XGS-PON Backhaul
  • In 2017 US 5G fixed wireless trials will offer Gigabit Broadband - ‘Wireless Fiber’
  • Other Countries

Future Technologies will provide still more capacity and performance for 5G TV and Media Delivery

Conclusion: It is time to include TV delivery as an ‘Anchor Use Case’ for 5G.

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