Automotive, Enterprise, IoT, and the Mobility Sector to Drive Future Location Sector Growth

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Report Summary:

Demand for location services will continue to grow as the value of location is realized across a number of sectors, including automotive, enterprise, IoT and mobility services, among others. This report provides Strategy Analytics’ status update and outlook for location-based services growth in these areas. This report also updates our assessment of global location companies, which benchmarks Google, HERE, Mapbox and TomTom across characteristics such as map making capabilities, strength in automotive, map visualization, and ability to appeal to developers, in addition to others. Google and HERE continue to demonstrate leadership and strong capability across most of the benchmark attributes, while Mapbox and TomTom demonstrate strengths in others.
Table of Contents

2.1     What Is A Location Platform?  5

2.2     The Evolution of Map Making & Maintenance  5

2.3     Business Model Evolution  6

3.1     The Automotive Opportunity  7

3.2     Enterprise  9

3.2.1       Asset Tracking & Fleet Management 9

3.2.2       Internet of Things (IoT) 10

3.2.3       Business Intelligence (BI) 11

3.3     Mobile Apps & Services  12

3.4     The Mobility Industry  12

3.5     Location-Based Advertising & Marketing  14

4.1     Benchmarking Update & Result Summary  15

4.2     Benchmarking Category Results  16

4.2.1       Map Making  17

4.2.2       Map Freshness  20

4.2.3       POI and Search  22

4.2.4       Developer Community  23

4.2.5       Map and Data Visualization  25

4.2.6       Automotive Location Services  26

4.2.7       Openness and flexibility: 28

4.2.8       Vision and Growth Leadership  29

5.1     Google  31

5.1.1       Strengths  31

5.1.2       Weaknesses  32

5.2     HERE  32

5.2.1       Strengths  32

5.2.2       Weaknesses  33

5.3     Mapbox  34

5.3.1       Strengths  34

5.3.2       Weaknesses  34

5.4     TomTom   35

5.4.1       Strengths  35

5.4.2       Weaknesses  35

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