Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: 10月 29 2015

Pages: 23

Report Type: Report, Word


HTML5's Advanced Functions: Can It Compete With Native Apps?

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Report Summary:

Is HTML5 really a suitable technology for app development? With the emergence of HTML5 as a serious competitor in the mobile apps space, Strategy Analytics examines the advanced functionality and graphics capabilities of HTML5 and compares this to native apps. Where is HTML5 competitive? Where is it lacking? How should OEMs, service providers and developers view HTML5?

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary
2.       Introduction
    2.1     W3C
3.       HTML5 Advanced Features
    3.1     Device Position
    3.2     Graphics
    3.3     Push
    3.4     Media Capture
    3.5     Offline Usage
    3.6     Storage
    3.7     Other
4.       HTML5 Browser Support
5.       HTML5 versus Native
6.       Developer Opinion
7.       Future Prospects of HTML5
    7.1     Will HTML5 Catch Up With Native?
8.       Implications and Recommendations
9.       Glossary


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