Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: 5月 02 2012

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word



BlackBerry World Holding out for a Hero

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Report Summary:

For the last year Research in Motion has been skewered by the press, lambasted by trade journals, and derided by analysts. Some of the scorn was deserved. The PlayBook was released without e-mail and BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry 7 only offered an incremental upgrade. The founders/CEOs resigned. This type of tumult can lead a company into a never ending downward spiral. Instead of following the path of least resistance RIM is re-introducing itself to the world and showing it has learned from its past missteps. The new era begins with BlackBerry 10 which was the primary topic at BlackBerry World, and with the re-launch RIM hopes to get developer interest back on to its platform.

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