Author: David Macqueen

Publication Date: 10月 07 2015

Pages: 22

Report Type: Report, Word


Apple, Google and Microsoft's Mobile App Development Environments

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Report Summary:

This report examines the developer environments provided by the major mobile platform owners for creating mobile apps: Apple’s Xcode, Google’s Android Studio and Microsoft’s Visual Studio. We compare and contrast the strengths, weaknesses and key functionalities of each, and take a look at the future prospects.

Table of Contents


1.       Executive Summary

2.       Development Environment Choices
2.1     Cross Platform IDEs versus OEM IDEs

3.       Apple Xcode
3.1     A Brief History of Xcode
3.2     Features
3.2.1       Languages
3.2.2       Editor
3.2.3       Testing Tools
3.2.4       Gaming
3.2.5       Team Working
3.2.6       Platform Support
3.3     Limitations

4.       Android Studio
4.1     A brief history of Android Studio
4.2     Features
4.2.1       Languages
4.2.2       Editor
4.2.3       Testing Tools
4.2.4       Gaming
4.2.5       Team Working
4.2.6       Platform Support
4.3     Limitations
4.3.1       Google Service Limitations on Android Forks and China

5.       Microsoft
5.1     A brief history of Visual Studio
5.1.1       Windows Phone Development in Windows Studio
5.1.2       Windows Bridges
5.1.3       Windows App Studio
5.2     Features
5.2.1       Languages
5.2.2       Editor
5.2.3       Testing Tools
5.2.4       Gaming
5.2.5       Team Working
5.2.6       Platform Support

6.       Developer Sentiment

7.       Key Trends

8.       Conclusions
8.1     Outlook

9.       Glossary

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