Author: Kevin Nolan

Publication Date: 1月 09 2017

Pages: 4

Report Type: Insight, Word



Strategy Analytics' Top App Predictions for 2017

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Report Summary:

2016 was another major year for the apps ecosystem. The evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is atop the list. While we have yet to see the first mega hit from VR, we believe 2016 helped pave the way as most of the focus (and rightfully so) was on perfecting VR hardware. Meanwhile, AR stole the show with Niantic’s development of Pokémon GO. This insight contains our predictions on AR, VR, potential acquisitions, and more.

Table of Contents

1. The first VR mega hit will be showcased in 2017
2. No AR mega hit for 2017
3. Lifesum acquisition
4. MGI studios surpass $4 billion
5. Premium spend on iPhone beats iPad for the first time in 5 years

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