Will Google's Chrome Ad Blocker Redefine Digital Display?

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Report Summary:

As if advertisers and publishers didn’t have enough problems, along comes Google with plans to introduce an “ad filter” to Chrome early next year. While the growth of ad blockers has been a point of concern for both publishers and advertisers Google’s entry into the space is significant given its dominance of both global digital ad revenue and the browser market.

This report examines the implications of Google integrating an ad filer into Chrome on advertisers, marketers, brands, publishers, and Google.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       The Digital Ad Experience

3.       Chrome Ad Filter: Friend or Foe?

     3.1     Benefits of Chrome Ad-filtering

     3.2     Drawbacks of Chrome Ad-filtering

4.       Implications

     4.1     Implications for Google

     4.2     Implications for advertisers, marketers, and brands

     4.3     Implications for publishers and websites

5.       Issues Raised Requiring Further Study

Exhibit 1: Digital Advertising Forecast - Global

Exhibit 2: Browser Market Share

Exhibit 3: Adoption of Ad-Blockers by Device

Exhibit 4: Google Ad Experience Report

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