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Author: Michael Goodman
Co Author: Brice Longnos
Publication Date: 10月 31 2018
Pages: 9
Report Type: Report, Word

AI's Impact on Media & Entertainment - Complimentary Section


Report Summary:

Artificial Intelligence has become the “next big thing” in high-tech, with its impact being felt across multiple verticals including healthcare, automotive, finance, manufacturing, retail, and media. Within the media and entertainment industry the impact of Artificial Intelligence is being felt across the entire value chain.

This complimentary section of the report, produced in conjunction with C21Media, offers an in-depth look at this fascinating area, exploring what AI and Machine Learning actually mean, how they’re currently being employed, and what aspects of the business they are set to impact the most. From video search, recommendation and personalisation through to analytics, production and advertising, this report takes a look at the latest applications of AI and the most pressing issues it raises for those working in the content business.

The full report can be found here: AI's Impact on Media & Entertainment

Table of Contents

1.            AI Comes of Age
     1.1          How Artificial Intelligence Works
2.            AI’s Impact on Search, Personalization & Recommendation
3.            TiVo Seeks to Improve Search Recommendation & Personalization with AI
     3.1          Seamless Discovery – Unifying Metadata
     3.2          Knowledge Graph Engine – Leveraging Context
     3.3          Conversation – Leveraging Voice for Faster Search and Discovery
     3.4          Leveraging Social Media for Personalization
4.            AI’s Impact on Video Production
     4.1          Man vs. Machine or Man and Machine?
     4.2          Smart Camera Tracking and Video Frame Composition
5.            IBM Watson Powers AI for Video Production
     5.1          Content Creation
     5.2          Content Curation
6.            AI’s Impact on Analytics
7.            Netflix Leverages AI to Reduce Churn
     7.1          Driving Engagement and Retention
     7.2          Program Acquisition
8.            AI’s Impact on Advertising
     8.1          Content Creation
     8.2          Audience Targeting
     8.3          Real-Time Optimization
9.            AI Driven Ad Campaign Increases Sales for Volkswagen
     9.1          Blackwood Seven Optimizes Volkswagen’s Media Buys
     9.2          MediaTailor Delivers Personalized Ads for Live Television with Accedo
     9.3          Adobe Improve Performance with Video Ad AI
10.          Conclusion
     10.1        Challenges
11.          How Can We Help You?


Exhibit 1: AI Impacts the Media & Entertainment Value Chain
Exhibit 2: Estimated Number of Original Scripted Series
Exhibit 3: ContentWise's Layout & Carousel Configurator
Exhibit 4: TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Infrastructure
Exhibit 5: Fake Obama Video
Exhibit 6: AI Generates Movie Trailer - Morgan                                                                    Exhibit 7: FIFA World Cup Highlight Machine
Exhibit 8: Testing Thumbnails
Exhibit 9: Human vs. AI-Managed Digital Ad Campaigns                                                  Exhibit 10: Blackwood Seven’s Ad Campaign Manager
Exhibit 11: Accedo’s Second-Screen AR Experience

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