Author: Michael Goodman

Co Author: Brice Longnos

Publication Date: 2月 05 2018

Pages: 12

Report Type: Forecast and Outlook


Home Video & OTT Video Forecast: North America

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Report Summary:

This database provides in-depth market coverage for the North American Home Video and OTT Video markets for the  2010-2022 time period. Key metrics include: Households, TV Households, home video entertainment revenue (physical & digital), home video revenue (physical), sell-thru revenue (physical), rental revenue (physical), in-store/kiosk rental revenue (physical), subscription rental revenue (physical), total OTT video revenue (digital), electronic sell-thru (EST) revenue, digital rental (TVOD) revenue, SVOD revenue, SVOD HHs, SVOD subscription, and digital video ad spend.

Table of Contents

1. Title
2. Contents
3. Analysis
4. North America
5. Canada
6. USA
7. Pivot Table
8. Flat File
9. Definitions
10. Methodology
11. How Can We Help You
12. Contacts

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