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Author: Michael Goodman
Co Author: Michael Goodman
Publication Date: 3月 27 2018
Pages: 41
Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint



Global Advertising Outlook

Report Summary:

This report presents Strategy Analytics’ analysis of the Global Advertising Market for the period of 2010 to 2022. Regions covered include North America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central & Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

The advertising market is segmented into traditional and digital media.
- The traditional advertising segment is split as follow: TV advertising, print advertising, radio advertising, cinema advertising and out-of-home (OHH) advertising;
- The digital advertising segment is split as follow: search advertising, traditional display advertising, video advertising, social media advertising and classified advertising.

Table of Contents


Key findings

Global advertising overview

Advertising  & global economy analysis

Global advertising market forecast
- Advertising market split by media
- Advertising market split by region
- Regional average advertising  spend per capita
- Top 10 advertising markets
- Countries’ average advertising spent per capita

Traditional advertising market
- Traditional advertising market split by media
- Top 10 TV advertising markets
- Average TV advertising spent per TV households
- Print advertising market analysis

Digital Advertising Market
- Digital advertising key drivers analysis
- Digital advertising forecast
- Top 5 digital ad services analysis (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu and Oath)
- Top 10 digital advertising markets
- Average digital ad spent per internet user
- Digital advertising vs. Traditional
- Digital advertising split by format
- Top 10 search advertising markets
- Top 10 display advertising markets
- Online video advertising market analysis
- Top 10 online video ad markets
- Social network advertising market analysis
- Programmatic advertising market analysis
- Mobile advertising market analysis

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