Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: 6月 09 2016

Pages: 17

Report Type: ConsumerMetrix Bulletin


Tablet User Profile: Q3 2015

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics conducted an online survey of tablet ownership and usage trends. This Bulletin presents the results of a survey of over 6000 respondents across the US, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

Apple’s iPad remained the most owned and most used brand of tablet across the countries surveyed, but Samsung tablet ownership and usage now rivals that of Apple. Tablet usage is highest among 35-44 year-olds and among higher income groups. Tablet brand loyalty varies considerably with Apple at the high end and Lenovo at the low end of repeat purchase intention.

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Key Findings
3.  Tablet Brand Ownership: Q3 2015
4.  Tablet Usage By Age Group: Q3 2015
5.  Tablet Usage By Income Group: Q3 2015
6.  Tablet Usage by Brand by Age Group: Q3 2015
8.  Tablet Usage by Brand by Income Group: Q3 2015
9.  Tablet Usage by Country: Q3 2015
10. Tablet Brand Loyalty: Q3 2015 vs. Q3 2012
11. Conclusions
12. Why ConsumerMetrix Database?
13. ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
14. Contacts

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