Enterprise Mobility Predictions for 2020

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Report Summary:

2020 kicks off a new decade of Enterprise Mobility trends, at a time when the very concept of mobility is changing, as new technologies intertwine and drive digital transformation forward. 2020 will be a year when technologies like AI, data analytics, and 5G underpin the latest IoT devices, smart devices, and extend automation in the enterprise.
As technology evolves, so do use cases. To help businesses prepare for this changing tech environment, Strategy Analytics has outlined key Enterprise Mobility market trends for 2020.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3

2. 2020 Key Market Trends 4

2.1 2020 will Start to Unleash the Potential of 5G 4

2.2 SMBs will Take the Lead in 5G BYOD Smartphones Adoption in 2020 5

2.3 Enterprises will Double Down on AI and Business Use Cases will Drive Artificial Intelligence Deployments 6

2.4 SaaS will Prevail and Become More Sophisticated and Feature-Rich 7

2.5 5G & Mulitcloud will Exacerbate Mobile Security Threat 8

2.6 Predictive Analytics is the Future of Data Analytics 9

2.7 Unified Endpoint Management will Make It to the Edge in 2020 9

2.8 5G will Drive New Support and Operations Models for Mobile Operators Worldwide 10

3. Conclusions & Recommendations 11

4. How Can We Help You? 12


Figure 1 - What are the greatest benefits to utilising AI in your company? .................................................................. 7

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