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Author: Gina Luk
Co Author: Andrew Brown
Publication Date: 5月 12 2017
Pages: 58
Report Type: Report, Word



The Role of the Internet Things (IoT) in the Global Healthcare Market

Report Summary:

The healthcare industry represents a significant opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT), with contributions from the healthcare IT ecosystem, non-IT healthcare budget diverted to IoT, and medical devices. In this report we examine the future landscape for IoT in Healthcare, including the benefits and opportunities, and the challenges and inhibitors to adoption.
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Definitions
2.1 Internet of Things (IoT)
2.2 Healthcare
3. The Potential of IoT: Healthcare Today & Tomorrow
3.1 How Healthcare Works Today
3.1.1 Is there Room for Improvement?
3.2 How Healthcare Could Work Tomorrow – With IoT
3.2.1 Patient 1: Suffering from Flu-Like Symptoms
3.2.1 Patient 2: A Patient is not taking their Medicine
3.2.1 Patient 3: A Hospitalized Patient with a Leg Wound
3.2.1 Even Simple IoT Can Help
4. The Cost of Healthcare – The Open Door for IoT?
4.1 The Cost of IT in Healthcare
4.2 The Benefits of Increased IT in Healthcare
4.3 IoT in Healthcare
4.4 IoT Benefits in Healthcare
5. The Real Opportunities for IoT in Healthcare
5.1 Measuring
5.2 Medical Asset Management
5.3 Patient and Staff Well-Being
5.4 Comprehensive Data Sets
5.5 Big Data & Analytics
6. Implementing IoT in Healthcare: The Hospital Conundrum
6.1 The Smart Hospital
6.2 What Must IoT Deliver in Healthcare?
6.3 IoT Spending Opportunity in Healthcare
6.4 Must there be sacrifices to make way for IoT Spending in Healthcare?
6.5 IoT Spending Diverted from Non-IT Healthcare Budget
7. IoT and the Medical Device Industry
8. Opportunity Scenario Summary
9. Challenges & Inhibitors: Healthcare is no Slam Dunk for IoT
9.1 Fragmentation
9.2 Privacy & Security
9.3 Regulations & Compliance
9.4 Cost
9.5 Seeing the Benefits
9.6 Implementation
9.7 Accuracy
10. Benefits & Opportunities: IoT Can Help Healthcare
10.1 Lower Operating Costs
10.2 Increased Productivity
10.3 Asset Tracking & Monitoring
10.4 Secrets Hidden in Data
11. Conclusions
12. How Can We Help You?

Figure 1: Global IoT Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 2: WHO Life Expectancy at Birth
Figure 3: Global per Capita Healthcare Spending Forecast
Figure 4: Global Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 - 2025
Figure 5: Global Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 6: Healthcare IT Ecosystem
Figure 7: Global Healthcare Spending: IT versus Non-IT
Figure 8: Global IT Healthcare Spending Forecast: 2016 - 2025
Figure 9: Global IT Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 10: IoT Impact on Traditional Healthcare IT Ecosystem
Figure 11: IoT Process Flow
Figure 12: Global IoT IT Healthcare Forecast: 2016 - 2025
Figure 13: Global IoT IT Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 14: Global IoT IT Healthcare Forecast Scenarios: 2016 - 2025
Figure 15: Global IoT Spending Diverted from Non-IT Healthcare Forecast Scenarios
Figure 16: Global IoT Spending Diverted from Non-IT Healthcare Spending Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 17: IoT Penetration of Medical Device Spending
Figure 18: Global IoT Medical Devices Spending Forecast Scenarios 2016 – 2025
Figure 19: IoT Healthcare Opportunity Scenario Summary
Figure 20: Global IoT Healthcare Opportunity Scenario Forecast 2016 – 2025
Figure 21: Global IoT Healthcare Spending Forecast by Region 2016 - 2025
Figure 22: Global IoT Healthcare Spending Forecast by Region 2016 – 2025
Figure 23: IoT Challenges and Inhibitors
Figure 24: IoT Benefits & Opportunities

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