Telefonica Analyst & Customer Day 2018: Is B2B the Growth Engine? An Executive Summary


Report Summary:

Telefonica held its 2018 Industry Analyst & Customer Day on June 20th and 21st, which was attended by Strategy Analytics networks, media and enterprise analysts. During the event Telefonica put forward a comprehensive overview of where the company is today and its vision for the future. In this Insight we cover the major enterprise IoT and B2B themes from the event, along with our analysis and takeaways. Clients of the IoT Strategies service can access the full report here.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary
2.       Telefonica 2018 Industry Analyst & Customer Day
2.1     The Chairman’s Address: Designing the Future, Today
2.2     The Liquid Network
2.3     Business Transformation
2.4     B2B: A Growth Engine for Telefonica
2.5     The Internet of Things: Evolution and Smart Retail
2.6     Innovation: Edge Computing & Blockchain
2.7     Artificial Intelligence & Analytics: Aura & Luca
3.       Conclusions
4.       How Can We Help You?

Figure 1: Telefonica Chairman and CEO, Jose Maria Alvarez-Palette
Figure 2: Network Capabilities Driving Value and Business Opportunities
Figure 3: Digitalisation Evolving Towards a Customer-Centric Experience
Figure 4: Digital Transformation Driving New B2B Revenue Streams in Brazil
Figure 5: Telefonica Differentiation through LUCA
Figure 6: LUCA Portfolio

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