mHealth Managing Lifestyles Logistics and Chronic Disease

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Report Summary:

Most mHealth applications require very simple SMS services to provide significant improvements in healthcare. In developing countries basic cellular handsets are being used to overcome logistical problems and provide field workers with access to educational services. In developed countries mHealth addresses the rising tide of chronic conditions resulting from poor lifestyle choices and an ageing population. It is being used to assist patients to comply with their medication regime and provide life coaching to enable people to live healthier lives. The main focus is to help reduce the rising cost of healthcare.
Table of Contents

    1 Executive Summary
      1.1 Definition of Healthcare
      1.2 Definition of Telecare /Telemedicine
      1.3 Definition of MHealth
      1.4 Definition of mHealth Markets
        1.4.1 Deprivation; a Problem for the Developing world
        1.4.2 Expectation; a Problem for Developed World
      1.5 mHealth devices
    2 Definition of mHealth
      2.1 What is MHealth
      2.2 Wireless Technology
        2.2.1 Cellular Technology
        2.2.2 Short Range - Unlicensed Spectrum
      2.3 Terminal Devices
        2.3.1 Tethered Modalities
        2.3.2 Mobile Handsets
        2.3.3 Embedded Devices
      2.4 E-Health - Back Office Support
    3 The Healthcare Market
      3.1 Access to Affordable Healthcare
        3.1.1 Access in the Developing World
        3.1.2 Access in the Developed World
      3.2 Rising Healthcare Costs
      3.3 Mapping Healthcare Expenditure
      3.4 Managing Chronic Diseases
    4 Patient-Centric Care
      4.1 The Wagner Chronic Care Model
        4.1.1 Community Resources and Policies
        4.1.2 Health System
        4.1.3 Self-Management Support
        4.1.4 Delivery System Design
        4.1.5 Clinical Information Systems
        4.1.6 Decision Support
    5 MHealth Applications
      5.1 Logistics
      5.2 Education
      5.3 Monitoring
      5.4 Public Health
      5.5 Compliance
      5.6 Coaching
    6 Developing World (Market Assessment)
      6.1 Summary of Need
      6.2 Solutions implemented
      6.3 Winning Technologies
      6.4 Barriers
      6.5 Financing MHealth
      6.6 Operator Strategies
    7 Developed World (Market Assessment)
      7.1 Summary of Need
      7.2 Solutions implemented
        7.2.1 Compliance and chronic disease management
        7.2.2 Coaching and Life Style
        7.2.3 Independent Living for an Aging Population
        7.2.4 Access to Healthcare for All
      7.3 Winning Technologies
      7.4 Barriers
      7.5 Financing MHealth
      7.6 Operator Strategies
    8 Forecast
      8.1 Methodology
        8.1.1 Unconstrained Market
        8.1.2 Addressable Market
        8.1.3 Advanced Healthcare
        8.1.4 Basic Healthcare
        8.1.5 Broadband and Narrow Band
        8.1.6 Network Provider Revenues
        8.1.7 Service Provider Revenues
        8.1.8 Hardware Vendor Revenues
      8.2 Subscriber Numbers
      8.3 Embedded Modules
      8.4 mHealth Handset Subscribers
      8.5 Network Provider Revenues
      8.6 Healthcare Service Provider Revenues
      8.7 Hardware Vendor Revenues
    9 Conclusion
      9.1 Contact the author of this report:

List of Figures

    Figure 1 Healthcare and Cost
    Figure 2 mHealth in the Community
    Figure 3 mHealth Data Flows
    Figure 4 mHealth Components
    Figure 5 Per Capita Health Spend US$ by Percentage of Global Population plus US
    Figure 6 US Healthcare as a Percentage of GPD
    Figure 7 CBO Project Growth in Medicare Costs as a Percentage of GDP
    Figure 8 The Wagner Chronic Care Model
    Figure 9 Vodafone SMS For Life
    Figure 10 Forecast Methodology Overview
    Figure 11 Global mHealth Subscribers (millions)
    Figure 12 Subscriber Number Tables
    Figure 13 Chart of Advanced Healthcare Subscribers (millions)
    Figure 14 Table of Advanced Healthcare Subscribers (millions)
    Figure 15 Chart of Basic Healthcare Subscribers (millions)
    Figure 16 Table of Basic Healthcare Subscribers (millions)
    Figure 17 Annual Module Sales (Millions)
    Figure 18 Table of Cumulative Module Sales (Millions)
    Figure 19 Table of Cumulative Handsets Sales (Millions)
    Figure 20 Network Provider Revenues Advanced Healthcare (US$ Millions)
    Figure 21 Network Provider Revenues Basic Healthcare (US$ Millions)
    Figure 22 Healthcare Service Provider Revenues Advanced Healthcare (US$ Millions)
    Figure 23 Healthcare Service Provider Revenues Basic Healthcare (US$ Millions)
    Figure 24 Total Hardware Vendor Revenues (US$ Millions)
    Figure 25 2G Hardware Vendor Revenues (US$ Millions)
    Figure 26 3G and 4G Hardware Vendor Revenues (US$ Millions)

List of Tables

    Table 1 Per Capita Public Healthcare Spending US$
    Table 2 Medicare Spending by Type of Service
    Table 3 mHealth subscribers by 2020 (millions)
    Table 4 Global Network Operator Revenues (US$ Millions)
    Table 5 Global Healthcare Service Provider Revenues (US$ Millions)

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