Key Players in the mHealth Value Chain Vendor Profiles

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Report Summary:

The mHealth value chain is complex. Healthcare solution providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), infrastructure providers, standards bodies, value-added resellers, system integration specialists and mobile operators can all play a role in delivery of healthcare solutions. This report offers a deep dive into some of the key vendors in the mHealth value chain that were involved in Strategy Analytics’ mHealth research.
Table of Contents

    1 Introduction to Telemedicine/Telecare and mHealth
    2 Vendor Profiles
      2.1 BodyTel
        2.1.1 Overview
        2.1.2 Products and Services
        2.1.3 Business Models
        2.1.4 Routes to Market
        2.1.5 Regulation
      2.2 The Centre for Connected Health (CCH)
        2.2.1 Overview
        2.2.2 Vision
        2.2.3 Mobile Technology in Connected Health
        2.2.4 Key barriers
      2.3 Continua
        2.3.1 Background
        2.3.2 Market Overview
        2.3.3 Mobile Device Interfaces
        2.3.4 Regulation
      2.4 GSMA
        2.4.1 Background
        2.4.2 Business Case Justification
        2.4.3 Barriers to Development and GSMA Activities
      2.5 HSAGlobal
        2.5.1 Background
        2.5.2 Services
        2.5.3 Mobility
        2.5.4 Benefits to Providers
        2.5.5 The main route to market
        2.5.6 Regulation
      2.6 IBM
        2.6.1 Background
        2.6.2 Healthcare Models
        2.6.3 Standards
        2.6.4 IBM's Experience
      2.7 Ideal Life
        2.7.1 Background
        2.7.2 Ideal Life's Solution
        2.7.3 Benefits of Cellular Technology
        2.7.4 Market Differentiator
        2.7.5 Monitoring Devices
        2.7.6 Home Hub
        2.7.7 Kiosk
        2.7.8 Business model
        2.7.9 Future Market development
        2.7.10 Competitive Threats
        2.7.11 Regulation
      2.8 SingTel
        2.8.1 iN2015 Healthcare and Biomedical Sciences
 Well-integrated Quality Healthcare
 Cost-effective Healthcare Services
 Greater Ability of Public to Manage their Health
 Strong Clinical and Health Services Research
        2.8.2 Healthcare 360
      2.9 Vitality
        2.9.1 Background
        2.9.2 Drug Adherence
 GlowCap Solution
        2.9.3 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Support
        2.9.4 Business models
        2.9.5 Additional applications
        2.9.6 Alternative Solutions
      2.10 Vodafone
        2.10.1 Background
        2.10.2 The Developed World
 Long Term Condition Management
 Assisted Living
 Market Strategies
        2.10.3 The Developing World
 SMS For Life Project
 Global Reach
      2.11 Voxiva
        2.11.1 Background
        2.11.2 Voxiva's Solution
        2.11.3 Text4Baby
        2.11.4 Text2Quit
        2.11.5 Business model
        2.11.6 Route to Market
        2.11.7 Regulation
        2.11.8 Other device inputs
        2.11.9 Market Barriers
      2.12 Wave Technology Group
        2.12.1 Background
        2.12.2 Wave Technology Group's Solution
        2.12.3 Business Case
        2.12.4 Other Services
      2.13 Western wireless Health Institute (WWHI)
        2.13.1 Background
        2.13.2 Market Drivers
        2.13.3 Barriers
      2.14 Contact the author of this report:

List of Exhibits

    Table 1: mHealth Ssubscribers by 2020 (millions)
    Table 2: Global Network Operator Revenues (US$ Millions)
    Table 3: Global Healthcare Service Provider Revenues (US$ Millions)
    Figure 1: CCH Model of Monitoring

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