In a Hyper-Connected Big Data World what Security Approach is Required for M2M

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Report Summary:

With the shift from millions to billions of connected devices happening over the next 10 years (2.5 billion according to Strategy Analytics), the amount of information transmitted from multiple locations will see a dramatic shift towards the first stages of big data, a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using database management tools. The challenges include capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualization. In addition to this, and an often overlooked aspect to how to manage this data is the security of M2M endpoints, data in transit and at rest and the architecture that is used to manage M2M networks. This insight will look at some of the approaches that can be taken to mitigate security risks, especially using public cellular networks and also look at the relevance of a centralized approach to M2M security with potentially billions of endpoints.

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