How Can Artificial Intelligence Add Value in the Internet of Things (IoT)?

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Report Summary:

Artificial Intelligence (AI).represents one of the most exciting developments in the technology world. AI holds the potential to deliver great value for firms that deploy it. But there are challenges on the horizon, from the complexity of the technology itself, to socio-economic factors which will likely garner attention from governments and law makers. While the road to AI will not be easy, for those able to leverage the technology, whether they are buy-side or sell-side, it will be worth it

In this report, Strategy Analytics analyses the potential for AI in the Internet of Things. This report considers the opportunities, challenges and use cases, incorporating end user customer insights, for this most exciting of technology areas in the world of enterprise IoT.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Definitions

2.1     Internet of Things

2.2     Analytics

2.3     Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3.       The Artificial Intelligence Spectrum

4.       How Can AI Add Value?

4.1     Speed and Efficiency

4.2     Lower Needs

4.3     Reliability

4.4     Assisting Decision Making

4.5     Autonomous Decision Making

5.       Concerns over AI

5.1     Attitudes to AI: Feeding the Fear?

5.2     Job Displacement: A Need for Regulatory Action?

5.2.1       AI and Automation: The Double Whammy?

5.2.2       The Approaching Storm for Employment Law Makers?

6.       Consideration Factors for AI Implementation

6.1     Socio-Economic

6.2     Company Skills

6.3     Liability

6.4     Security

6.5     AI-to-AI Interfacing

6.6     AI-to-Human Interfacing

6.7     End-User Trials

7.       Analytics: The Home of AI in IoT

7.1     AI is a subset of Analytics and Makes Analytics Richer

7.2     Strategy Analytics IoT Deployment Survey Insights: AI is a leading function of Analytics

7.3     What about Running Analytics and AI at the Edge?

8.       Can CSPs transform their business and open up new opportunities with AI?

8.1.1       Leveraging Big Data

8.1.2       AI-based energy saving in CSP data centers

8.1.3       Small Cells + Machine Learning

8.1.4       AI Enhancement to Customer Service and Retention

9.       Acquisitions: The AI Arms Race

10.     Vertical Market Relevance

10.1   Vertical Market Takeaways

11.     AI in IoT Deployments: Feedback from Vertical Industries

12.     Conclusions & Recommendations

13.     Open Issues for Further Consideration

14.    How Can We Help You?


Figure 1: Timeline of AI Development

Figure 2: SAS AI Integration

Figure 3: How Firms are Using Artificial Intelligence

Figure 4: Google IoT Edge

Figure 5: AI Acquisitions Since 2016

Figure 6: How Does your Company View Artificial Intelligence?

Figure 7: What is the Primary Use of AI in your Company (by vertical industry)

Figure 8: Reasons for not using AI

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