From Alexa to Industry: Opportunities for a Voice-powered Internet of Things (IoT)

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Report Summary:

While most of the focus in IoT has been on data, the integration of voice into IoT applications also offers a versatile method to provide human/machine interaction. With proper implementation mindful of relevance, costs and human factors, voice can provide a more flexible user experience than traditional input methods. This report examines the role of voice in IoT and identifies use cases and opportunities that exist across consumer and commercial markets.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary
2.       The IoT Opportunity
2.1     IoT Opportunity by Vertical Market
3.       The Changing Role of Voice in IoT
3.1     Talk is Cheap, but Valuable Too
4.       The Case for Voice in IoT
4.1     Platforms Dictate the Input Mechanism
4.2     Advantages of Voice-Machine Interaction
4.3     Voice and Machine Learning
5.       Voice in IoT Applications – Use Cases
5.1     Consumer v Business and Industrial Applications
5.2     Consumer Applications
5.3     Commercial and Industrial IoT Applications
6.       Voice Services in IoT
6.1     Mono-Directional Voice
6.1.1       Mono-Directional Voice Use Cases
6.2     Bi-Directional Voice Use Cases
6.2.1       Bi-Directional Voice Use Cases
6.3     Voice Recognition
6.3.1       Voice Recognition Use Cases
6.3.2       The Listening Competition
7.       Conclusions
7.1     Open Issues for Further Consideration
8.       How Can We Help You?


Figure 1: Global IoT Revenue Forecast by Category
Figure 2: Global IoT Revenue Opportunity by Vertical Market
Figure 3: BMW Voice Control System
Figure 4: Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis of Text
Figure 5: Global Intelligent Home Speaker Forecast
Figure 6: VoLTE Statistics
Figure 7: In-Car Voice and Telematics Forecast in Passenger Vehicles
Figure 8: GE WiFi Connect Appliance Voice Control Features
Figure 9: IoT Voice Application Use Cases


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