4G LTE Opportunities in M2M

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Report Summary:

Superfast 4G does not just change the way people behave, it also paves the way for machines and other objects to interact with and control each other via the internet. Many industries are attracted to M2M due to the potential it offers to increase efficiency, enable better asset management, ensure QOS (Quality of Service) which is essential to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), cut costs, and provide new and improved services to customers. The M2M market is growing strongly, and can boast of tens of millions of devices already connected. This growth is expected to accelerate in the next decade and commercial 4G plays a visible role in M2M deployments, which use the technology to ensure data delivery, security, and accessibility for M2M applications as 4G M2M development is ideal for applications that need higher bandwidth – for example, imaging, digital signage and video. Therefore, SA sees the availability of 4G high-speed and low-latency networks creates a strong base for deploying M2M services.

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