Author: Andrew Brown

Publication Date: 9月 30 2015

Pages: 6

Report Type: Forecast and Outlook


Urban IoT Service Revenues by Region and by Industry Vertical

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Report Summary:

This forecast covers urban IoT revenues covering Cellular M2M, Low-Power, Local-Area (LPLA) networking, Low-Power, Wide-Area (LPWA) networking The urban IoT revenue forecasts are factored after the degree of urbanization per region, and the measures are 'per urban capita'.

Network device and hardware revenues are not included. This is because the report focuses on smart services, and the different network types (in particular cellular, and LPWA) can have infrastructures that cover both rural and urban use cases.

Application areas include:

  • Smart Health
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Transport 

Data is also available by Region:

  • W Europe
  • CE Europe
  • N America
  • CALA
  • Asia-Pacific
  • M East & Africa
  • World


Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Definitions
  • Methodology
  • KPI
  • Revenues per Application
  • Revenues per Region

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