• Which vertical markets and regions represent the greatest opportunities in the burgeoning IoT market?
  • What impact will the data explosion have on existing technologies?
  • What are the business reasons to adopt IoT enterprise solutions?
  • What are the biggest challenges confronting enterprises as they prepare to migrate to IoT solutions?
  • How will enterprise IoT devices and solutions enable businesses to realize greater cost efficiencies and realize greater economies of scale?
  • How can IoT help businesses reduce Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational Expenditure (OpEx) costs?
  • How can IoT solutions enable organizations to lower Total Cost of Ownership and accelerate Return on Investment?
  • What are the security risks and challenges associated with IoT solutions?
  • What are the opportunities for Big Data and Analytics in the IoT?
  • How does IoT fit into a company’s enterprise strategy and what stages of readiness are different industries positioned?

IoT Strategies (IOT) is an advisory service focusing on the digital transformation and business process revolution powered by the triumvirate of ubiquitous internet, pervasive low cost connected devices and the growth in data analytics solutions. 

IoT offers the opportunity to generate ongoing revenue streams from selling services to support connected products, rather than the products themselves, shifting Capex to Opex. The service identifies applications and solutions deployed by vertical and business size and details the economic costs and benefits of deploying those solutions. 

IoT Strategies sizes core markets from cellular and sensor networks to Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, to data analytics and predictive business intelligence. The service assesses the business logic, challenges of privacy and data ownership, security and standards as well as key regulatory drivers for the IoT.

IoT Strategies provides:

  • Tactical, actionable insight and a longer term strategic vision of the burgeoning IoT market.
  • Expert insight on all of the factors that will impede and/or spur IoT adoption from technology demand to the impact of the global economy on IoT deployments.
  • Broad, deep qualitative analysis and insights into the emerging IoT landscape based on our primary research.

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