Author: Cliff Raskind

Publication Date: 1月 12 2016

Pages: 8

Report Type: Insight, Word


HealthBox's Laser Focus on Fitness Diehards & Why Platforms like UA Record and Health Magazines Need Each Other

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Report Summary:

As HTC looks to new growth engines, Under Armour has leveraged the company’s ODM pedigree to launch HealthBox. The slickly packaged hardware trio includes a fitnessband, strap-on heart monitor and Wi-Fi digital scale, and is narrowly targeted at users willing spend $400 to help achieve/maintain their fitness goals. As Fitbit’s abandonment rate inches higher, HealthBox has been paired with the new UA Record dashboard to sustain engagement with sticky, high TLV users—but is it enough?

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Analysis
3. Charts
4. Conclusions & Recommendations
5. Contacts

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