• What are the critical requirements to successfully plan an entry into the consumer wearable segment?
  • Which semiconductor and enabling technology vendors are pioneers and who will be the second wave of suppliers to expand the market?
  • How will volume and value market share change by vendor/OS/form factor?
  • What will be the dominant use cases on wrist, on arm, on leg, on torso, on glasses, on clothes?
  • What is the forecast by region, country and wearable form factor segment over the next five years?
  • What role will there be for Service Providers? 
  • How do wearables interact with other devices in the home, on the move and in the car?
  • What distribution channels will dominate wearables?
  • How many Apps are there today and will there be in the future in key wearable segments?

Wearables 关于 可穿戴设备

The advent of computing at a scale small enough to be worn comfortably on the body is reframing prevailing notions of consumer electronics, fitness, healthcare and insurance. Even the jewelry and fashion industries cannot afford to ignore wearable tech.

Wearables may be off to a mixed start but industry heavyweights that grasp the long term promise of wearables are placing huge bets. Virtually limitless form factors combined with the uniquely specialized I/O attributes of wearables do portend a range of industry disruptions that will only be unleashed as key blockers to adoption are dismantled.  Is your strategy ready for the transformative potential of wearable tech? 

The Wearable Device Ecosystem service:

  • Provides a holistic view of the market by assessing the devices, enabling technologies, applications, service providers and major internet player positions
  • Analyzes, roadmaps, tracks and forecasts the existing wearables market at a granular level (including smartwatches, fitness bands, smartglasses, jewelry and apparel)
  • Maintains an IoT-driven vision of the wearable device that extends well beyond phone companion, fitness and fashion


The service offers clients valuable insight into the market readiness of a young but rapidly evolving ecosystem, including the associated cost curves of key component technologies identified as gating factors for adoption across a variety of consumer, industrial and healthcare products. Wearables provides detailed predictive analysis into critical technology prerequisites in the areas of processors, displays, batteries, GPS-positioning, bio-sensors and required modes of connectivity.

 wearables body part

Strategy Analytics is the world leader in mobile and portable electronic device market tracking with deep relationships across the value chain from semiconductor to display vendors to OEMs, to service providers to major retailers.

Strategy Analytics has already correctly predicted the disruptive impact of analog to digital transition, the shift from 3G/4G consumption patterns and the revolution as the mobile and PC industry shifted from tap/qwerty to touch. Similarly, at the birth of this new industry in consumer wearable technologies, many questions remain unanswered that Strategy Analytics is well placed to address.

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