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Connected Computing Devices provides answers to critical questions including:

  • What is the attach rate of cellular tablets and laptops?
  • What % of tablet and laptop sales come through retailers, online, vendor stores, other channels?
  • How is the vendor market share picture changing quarterly?
  • How much of a presence are white-box vendors?
  • What % of sales and revenue are coming from each price tier?
  • What is the forecast for tablets by price tier?
  • What is the interchange among phablets, tablets, 2-in-1s, and laptops and how is growth impacted for large-screen computing devices?
  • How will tablet and laptop OS share evolve over the next five years?
  • What is the attach rate for key enabling technologies in tablets and laptops?

The market for computing devices is more fragmented than ever. Different form factors lend to different needs and use cases. Different operating systems and their app ecosystems are appealing to specific corners of the market. Revenues and profits are difficult to reach as price competition is very heated and many vendors struggle to break through. Now, as a new era of computing comes into view with greater cellular connectivity powered by 5G and eSIM technologies, new players are looking to connect with the next generation of consumers with a fresh computing experience.

The Connected Computing Devices Service (CCD) gives clients a comprehensive view of the tablet and notebook PC markets. We track and analyze adoption and use cases for tablets and notebook PCs in the home, on the move and at work. The crucial role mobile computing plays in how companies, schools, and consumers work through the COVID-19 pandemic is at the forefront of our research. We provide unmatched granularity in our coverage of vendor strategies and performance. Our research also covers mobile operator perspectives on subsidies, distribution and marketing. This comprehensive perspective provides clients with the deep insights they need to participate successfully in this rapidly evolving market.

No other vendor offers the combination of timely, consistent and accurate tracking on a quarterly basis of: 

  • Device vendor KPI metrics
  •  Market sales and shipment forecasts for 88 countries
  • Segmentation by enabling network technology
  • Shipments by Price Tier and OS
  • Shipments by Connectivity options
  • Enabling Technology Attach rates
  • Vendor Strategy advisory
  • Analysis and Forecasts of distribution channels


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