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Tablet Shipments, Installed Base and Penetration Forecast by Country 2010-2021: Q3 17 Update

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Report Summary:

People love using tablets and own over 800 million worldwide in 2017. The basic slate is a favorite device for casual activities and high performance 2-in-1s serve PC replacement needs for consumers and enterprise. Unfortunately, 2-in-1 segment growth is not enough to buoy the industry as a whole. Consumers have very little reason to upgrade their basic slates to new models, contributing to declining growth since 2015. Can the tablet be reimagined to drive a second major growth period?

We believe that vendors and operators can still take steps to encourage greater replacement rates, higher cellular attach rates, and more content consumption. By understanding what motivates a consumer to delay device replacement or choose different computing devices, vendors can target key consumer concerns with differentiated products and services. With a clear grasp of pain points users feel without true mobility and in accessing valuable video and gaming content, carriers and content distributors can tap into a vast market of opportunity waiting to be found.
This report forecasts global tablet shipments, installed base, household penetration, and user penetration by 6 major regions and 88 countries from 2010 to 2021. This report is published during Q3 2017, following actual Q2 2017 results. As such, the following infographic reflects Q2 2017 results. This report updates and supersedes the Tablet Shipments, Installed Base and Penetration Forecast by Country 2010 - 2021: Q2 17 Update published in May 2017.

Table of Contents

1.   Title
2.   Contents
3.   The Story - Can the Tablet be Reimagined to Drive A Second Major Growth Period?
4.   Analysis
5.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Region and Country
6.   Data - Tablet Installed Base by Region and Country
7.   Data - Tablet Households by Region and Country
8.   Data - Tablet Household Penetration by Region and Country
9.   Data - Tablet User Base by Region and Country
10. Data - Tablet User Penetration by Region and Country
11. Definitions
12. Methodology
13. Country Coverage
14. How Can We Help You?
15. Contacts
16. Pivot Table
17. Flat File

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