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Tablet Price Tiers by Units, ASP, Value & by Operating System Forecast by Region 2010 - 2021: Q4 17 Update

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Report Summary:

Tablet ASPs are actually on the rise thanks to wider adoption of premium 2-in-1 tablet form factors like Surface, iPad Pro, and dozens of other PC-grade tablet models for enterprise and prosumers. However, many of the best selling 2-in-1 tablet form factors by major vendors are far into premium territory. There is only so much appetite for such expensive devices and in order to sustain adoption of profitable devices, vendors must drop prices to reach a wider consumer audience and maintain healthy growth. In this environment, it will become more challenging to achieve profit for many industry players that have grown accustomed to the high margins on premium devices.

Leaders are establishing themselves at the top of the market but there is tremendous potential for vendors to stake out the middle of the market where tablets can best compete for consumer PC replacement and still command healthy revenues in relation to basic slates. We believe that vendors must seriously evaluate whether it makes sense for their brand to compete in every segment or if a more targeted strategy in specific tiers would maximize profitability.
This report addresses Tablet market value, unit sales, and ASPs by price tier for the 6 regions of North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Africa & Middle East as well as the global total for the years 2010 to 2021. This report is published during Q4 2017, following actual Q3 2017 results. It updates and supersedes the Tablet Price Tiers by Units, ASP, Value & by Operating System Forecast by Region 2010-2020: Q3 17 Update report published in August 2017.

Table of Contents

1.   Title
2.   Contents
3.   The Story - The Premium Tablet Market Is Hot but Can It Continue to Grow?
4.   Analysis
5.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Connectivity by Region
6.   Data - Tablet Installed Base by Connectivity by Region
7.   Definitions
8.   Methodology
9.   Country Coverage
10. How Can We Help You?
11. Contacts
12. Pivot Table
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