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Tablet Price Tiers by Units, ASP, Value & by Operating System Forecast by Region 2010 - 2021: Q2 17 Update

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Report Summary:

Tablets have faced decreasing average selling prices (ASPs) ever since the first iPad was sold but 2016 marked the year that ASPs actually increased due to consumer demand for 2-in-1 form factors. While 2-in-1 Tablets will play an increasingly large role in the tablet market, we do expect prices to fall in order to meet demand from a broader range of consumers, pushing ASPs down by a compound average growth rate of -2% from 2016 to 2021. As for OSes, we expect iOS and Android to hold their positions in their respective high and low corners of the market, but Windows will become a strong competitor in many price tiers throughout the forecast period.

This report addresses Tablet market value, unit sales, and ASPs by price tier for the 6 regions of North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Africa & Middle East as well as the global total for the years 2010 to 2021. This report is published during Q2 2017, following actual Q1 2017 results. It updates and supersedes the Tablet Price Tiers by Units, ASP, Value & by Operating System Forecast by Region 2010-2020: Q1 17 Update report published in February 2017.

Table of Contents

1.   Title
2.   Contents
3.   Analysis
4.   Data - Tablet Price Tier Shipments, Revenue, and Average Selling Price (ASP) by Region
5.   Data - Tablet Price Tier Shipments by Operating System by Region
6.   Definitions
7.   Methodology
8.   Country Coverage
9.   Contacts
10. Pivot Table
11. Flat File

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