• How will specific competitors in m-ICT sectors strategically impact and reshape the total industry?
  • What companies are posing disruptive threats to m-ICT?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of established competitors and potential competitors from adjacent markets?
  • What is the latest critical Strategic Intelligence on key competitors and what does it mean?

Mobile_Strategic_CI关于 移动战略竞争分析

The converging mobile information and communications technology (m-ICT) industry presents a daunting landscape of competitive dynamics, strategic relationships and disruptive events. Strategy Analytics’ Strategic Competitor Intelligence – mobile analyzes over 25 key players across operators, vendors and Internet companies. It sets out competitors’ structure, resources, key strategies, performance and SWOT, while integrating and interpreting the latest key intelligence.

Strategy Analytics brings together a formidable spectrum of strategic intelligence to provide complete and up-to-date strategic competitive analysis in one place. We cover all of the key players in the converging m-ICT industry, and add extra company coverage according to client instructions. 

Strategic Competitor Intelligence – mobile delivers daily monitoring filters, interprets and integrates important new intelligence into each company’s profile and pushes intelligence alerts to users in real time. Strategy Analytics has also developed proprietary technology for early identification of new, disruptive competitors and events.

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