Author: Phill Maling

Co Author: Steve Entwistle

Publication Date: 5月 27 2016

Pages: 12

Report Type: Report, PowerPoint



Which smartphone specs support a higher retail price?


Report Summary:

The key specifications that impact smartphone retail launch price are:

  1. Brand (Apple or Samsung)
  2. Display resolution (quality) >450ppi
  3. Camera Resolution of 16-19.999MP
  4. Operating System - not being a Windows Phone

To maximise retail launch price a large screen is simply no longer enough and surprisingly can be reduced in size if coupled with spec-busting features such as screen resolution or a high spec camera.

Global average retail launch prices for all smartphones irrespective of specifications has remained relatively static from 2007-2015. Generally retail launch prices follow standard depreciation curves; as higher spec’d products launch, the standard spec’d prices are pushed down or are adopted by the “affordable” vendors. 

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