• Have any of our competitors’ prices changed this week?
  • Are we losing margin through unnecessarily low price points?
  • What are the most popular market entry price points?
  • Is our handset portfolio competitively priced in all our target markets?
  • Are operating systems influencing price? Is there evidence of pricing trends from the past year?
  • How does tablet pricing compare across network operators?

PriceTRAX关于 PriceTRAX

PriceTRAX is a cellular device intelligence database providing weekly retail and mobile operator pricing.

Companies tracking handset markets using in-house resources find the process labour-intensive and costly as there are more than 2000 cellular devices available globally with mobile operators at any time. Their data needs to be comprehensive, comparable or current enough to support business decisions with confidence. PriceTRAX cost-effectively eliminates all of these issues and is likely to increase the extent and volume of your information. Every week, it captures online retailers’ handset prices, plan types and contract lengths in a comprehensive and comparable format, so you can base pricing management decisions on timely & accurate information. 

PriceTRAX has easy to use, built-in comparison tools for competitive benchmarking and portfolio gap analysis from data covering 100 carriers in 31 countries. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

PriceTRAX adds to the in-depth specifications and network operator availability data which is available in SpecTRAX.

PriceTRAX is a powerful market research tool for commercial decision makers. Coupled with SpecTRAX it will provide all three primary elements of the handset markets: prices, specifications and operators.

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