Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: 8月 04 2015

Pages: 16

Report Type: Metrics, Excel


Global Smartphone Vendor Market Share by Region: Q2 2015

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Report Summary:

Global smartphone shipments grew +15% annually in Q2 2015. Samsung remained the world's largest vendor and no.1 in five of 6 regions. Apple took second place and led the pack in North America. Huawei moved up to third position and made big progress in EMEA. Xiaomi captured fourth spot, due to an improved performance in Asia. Meanwhile, Lenovo-Motorola dipped to fifth, as it struggled during the shift from 3G to 4G in China and the US. Our extensive report contains global smartphone shipments for the top 30 vendors by quarter from 2007 to Q2 2015. Global smartphone shipments by vendor by operating system by region by quarter are also included, in a pivot table. The report is a valuable tool for mobile stakeholders who want to size the huge market for smartphones and operating systems by vendor.

Table of Contents

1. Title Page
2. Contents
3. Analysis
4. Pivot Table / Flat File
5. Summary by Vendor
6. Global Smartphone Shipments by Region
7. North America Smartphone Market Share
8. Western Europe Smartphone Market Share
9. Asia Pacific Smartphone Market Share
10. Central & Latin America Smartphone Market Share
11. Central & Eastern Europe Smartphone Market Share
12. Africa Middle East Smartphone Market Share
13. Regions
14. Definitions
15. Methodology
16. Contacts

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