• What are the forecasts for smartphone shipments in 88 countries by OS?
  • What is the fastest growing operating system by each region?
  • How many smartphone users will there be in China, India, Indonesia and other fast growing markets?
  • Which vendors will be leading in Android and Windows Phone?
  • Which price segments will be successful in Latin America next year?
  • How many smartphones will have LTE dual mode in the coming years?
  • Can Lenovo (Motorola) be rejuvenated in China? Europe?
  • How significant will online channels be outside of China?

Smart_Phones 关于智能手机

Within our Devices knowledge center we offer a deep dive into smartphones with our Wireless Smartphone Strategies service.  

The service helps clients navigate the fast-changing smartphone market with success. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive set of critical market statistics and qualitative analysis, tracking and reporting on this high growth business opportunity

Can Apple maintain its incredible rate of innovation?
Or has Samsung overtaken Apple as the innovation and volume leader?
How many of the top ten smartphone vendors will be Chinese in 2020?
How will key vendor KPIs change?
What is the volume and value forecast for smartphones by vendor? by 88 country? by 14 OS?
Which price-tier will grow fastest by region and key countries ?
Will e-retailers continue to grab distribution share?
How many smartphones to support 4G LTE and VoLTE by 2020?
Will dual-SIM smartphones maintain popularity in emerging markets?

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