Author: David Kerr

Co Author: Kathy Schmitt

Publication Date: 8月 21 2019

Pages: 49

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint


US Smartphone Replacement and Brand Dynamics

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Report Summary:

This report  examines US Smartphone user replacement behavior and attitudes across different brands, age, ethnicity and gender groups. Strategy Analytics consumer insight team developed and analyzed results based on  an online survey with 2500 US smartphone owners using a US nationally representative with owners 18-64 years of age.  Key vendors evaluated in this survey of US smartphone owners include Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Google. 

Key groups analyzed include:

• Gen Z: 18 -24 Years
• Gen Y: 25 -39 Years
• Gen X: 40 – 54 Years
• Boomers: 55 -64 Years
• Gender
• Ethnicity
• Price Paid Current Smartphone
• Replacement Cycle

Major research themes included in this report:

• Device Ownership Tenure
• Replacement Timelines
• Brand Profiles & Funnel
• Drivers for new purchase
• Emerging purchase influences

Table of Contents


Introduction and Methodology                                                            3-5
Executive Summary                                                                            6-7
US Smartphone Device Ownership Profiles & Purchase Timelines    8-17
US Smartphone Purchase Motivations and Influencers                    18-36
US Smartphone Brand Funnel                                                          37-43
Conclusions                                                                                      44-45
Key Questions to Investigate                                                           46
Other Research                                                                               47
How Can We Help You?                                                                  48
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