Author: Harvey Cohen

Publication Date: 3月 20 2018

Pages: 6

Report Type: Insight, Word



The FBI, CIA, and NSA Say Connected Americans Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid – Really?


Report Summary:

Report Snapshot

Be Afraid. Be very afraid! That is the message from the alphabet soup of government agencies loudly proclaiming that US consumers should avoid buying smartphone devices from Chinese vendor Huawei and ZTE. American consumers and businesses should avoid buying from any vendor that is “beholden” to foreign governments. 

What exactly does “beholden” mean and how did we get so quickly from China and infrastructure to Huawei and ZTE specifically and smartphones?

Strategy Analytics calls for a considered fact based analysis rather than one based on suspicions alone. What can we do to prepare for and mitigate the risks?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Connected Dilemma 3
Afraid of What or Whom? 4
At What Price Do We Find Security in a Connected World 5

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