Author: Nitesh Patel

Publication Date: 5月 20 2011

Pages: 7

Report Type: Insight, Word



The $10 B Rule Location Location Location

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Report Summary:

The recent kerfuffle over Apple tracking an iPhone’s location will barely be a speed bump in the evolution of location based services (LBS) because there is simply too much money at stake. Consumers are increasingly demanding services such as search, maps, or navigation, for which location information is either fundamental to or provides greater context, utility and therefore appeal. For advertisers, location data provides opportunities for ad targeting and optimization. Strategy Analytics predicts consumer and advertiser expenditure on LBS to approach $10 B by 2016, with search advertising accounting for just over 50%. While operators have been disintermediated from many consumers LBS services, Strategy Analytics believes carriers are better positioned to provide location data for business and consumer applications, such as asset or vulnerable people tracking, where reliability is highly valued and justifies a willingness to pay for location information.

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