Author: Nitesh Patel

Publication Date: 2月 19 2014

Pages: 6

Report Type: Insight, Word


Rakuten Bets on Social as it Expands into Mobile

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Report Summary:

On 14th February 2014 Japanese e-commerce platform Rakuten entered the mobile sector through its acquisition of mobile VoIP and messaging application provider Viber, which has over 100 million global active users from a base of 280 million registered users. The acquisition signifies the increasing maturity of the OTT communications sector, as financial stability and revenue growth increasingly becomes a priority for independent app providers. Furthermore, Strategy Analytics believes Rakuten’s purchase of Viber underlines the growing importance of social platforms for distributing digital content, as Rakuten aims to replicate the growing success of LINE, Kakao and Skype at monetizing users.

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