• Who is the true handset leader in China?
  • Which countries are the highest revenue producers for Samsung?
  • How fast is the Indian market growing, and which handset vendors are capturing the most market share?
  • Who is the number one handset vendor in North America in terms of revenue? How has this changed in the last 12 months?
  • Who is the number one handset supplier to Orange France this quarter?
  • Where did your partners gain the largest share of operator business in the last quarter?

Handset_Country_Share关于 国家手机市场份额

Within our Device knowledge center, our most granular handset coverage is provided in the Handset Country Share Tracker (HCST) service. Our experts provide timely, detailed tracking of handset and smartphone shipments and market share by country, by operator channels and by specific families/models. On a quarterly basis, the service reports which brands are winning or struggling. The service is a vital tracking tool for helping handset vendors, operators, component makers, platform providers, service providers and financial firms measure the success of competitors and partners in their local markets.

The service initially covered 15 countries but on client request has now been expanded to over 30 countries with additional countries available through our consulting capabilities. Handset Country Share Tracker (HCST) is a critical tool helping vendors, service providers, content owners and other ecosystem players understand the significant variations in brand and model performance by country,operator and by quarter.

Our device industry experts provide insights into which models are gaining or losing share as they progress in the product life cycle. Operator subsidy strategies, success of alternative distribution channels and the evolution of microvendors are all factored into the analysis to provide a complete country level snapshot each quarter.

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