• How rapidly will Drones, Robots and other emerging devices become mainstream?

  • When will the rollable/bendable/flexible device displays emerge?

  • Where are the future emerging device profit pools?

  • What will be the high-growth enabling technologies for component makers?

  • How fast will 4G LTE and LTE-A and 5G handset sales grow through the 2020s?

  • Attach rates for BT headsets, Accessories?

  • What are the emerging use-cases for next generation devices?

  • Vendor Future: Merge, partner or disappear?

  • How will refurbished and unlocked devices evolve?

Emerging Devices 关于 新兴终端

Our Emerging Device Strategies (EDS) service provides coverage of emerging devices including drones, robots, handsets and other form factors. Unique to this service are next generation LTE-A and 5G devices, handset form factor (phablet, superphone, smartphone, feature phone) forecasts, vendor specific and industry profit analysis and detailed forecasts of enabling technologies for emerging devices.

No other vendor offers the combination of timely, consistent and accurate tracking of:

  • Drones, robots and handsets
  • The technology powering these devices including sensors, biometrics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new display technologies (bent/bendable/curved)
  • Over 60 enabling technologies from connectivity to audio to video to imaging to 3D to 4K displays
  • Subsidy budget analysis by major demand center
  • Device vendor KPI metrics
  • Forecasts of Emerging Device Sales by form factor
  • Refurbished and Unlocked devices
  • Key Accessory Market analysis: Bluetooth Headsets, Wireless charging, Speakers
  • Tracking of over 50 microvendors that are gaining traction in India, China, Brazil and other countries
  • Manufacturing locations
  • Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Price Tier evolution in Emerging and Mature Markets
  • Handset market sales and shipment forecasts by 88 countries and 19 protocol

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