Author: Ken Hyers

Publication Date: 9月 20 2016

Pages: 5

Report Type: Insight, Word


GoPro Karma : It's More (or less) Just a Drone

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Report Summary:

GoPro, makers of the ubiquitous action cameras, has introduced its first drone. GoPro claims the Karma quad copter is “more than just a drone” and while it offers more than some other top drones available today, it also offers less than today’s best-selling drones. While it will appeal to many current GoPro camera owners and even expand the base of GoPro customers, it will make only marginal gains in the top-end of the drone market which is currently dominated by the 400 pound gorilla that is DJI.

Table of Contents

1. Title & Summary
2. Executive Summary
3. Analysis
4. Market Analysis
5. Conclusions & Summary

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