2017 Update on the Ecosystems of Key Smart Home Platforms

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Report Summary:

This report looks at the ecosystems developing around platforms for the smart home. It considers both OEM-specific and licensable platforms, and highlights recent partnerships and collaborations that are helping to reinforce the market positions of platform providers. Additionally, it provides an overview of business models for key providers of smart home platforms as well as the outlook for the market as a whole.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Market Direction

2.1.1       Consolidation in the Platform Space

2.1.2       Barriers to Entry are High

2.1.3       AI-driven User Experiences

2.1.4       Big Tech Firms Aim to Own More of The Smart Home Experience

3.       The Competitive Landscape

3.1     OEM-specific platforms

3.2     Licensable platforms

4.       Vendor Analysis

4.1     OEM-Specific Smart Home Platforms

4.1.1       Amazon

4.1.2       D-Link (mydlink)

4.1.3       Hive (Honeycomb)

4.1.4       Nest

4.1.5       Ring

4.1.6       SmartThings

4.1.7       Vivint

4.1.8       Xfinity Home

4.2     Licensable Smart Home Platforms


4.2.2       Essence

4.2.3       Mivatek

4.2.4       Qivicon

5.       Market Outlook

5.1     Licensable Platforms

5.1.1       Few partners have shown the ability to scale

5.2     OEM-specific Platforms

5.2.1       Openness and collaboration may have limits

5.2.2       Business model innovation is the key to differentiation

6.       Key Considerations

7.       Appendix

7.1     OEM-Specific Platforms

7.1.1       AT&T Digital Life

7.1.2       Hive (Honeycomb)

7.1.3       D-Link (mydlink)

7.1.4       Nest

7.1.5       SmartThings

7.1.6       Vivint

7.1.7       Wink

7.2     Licensable Platforms


7.2.2       Essence

7.2.3       ROC Connect

7.2.4       Qivicon

8.       How Can We Help You?

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