5G System Predictions Set the Stage for Radio Component Growth

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Report Summary:

5G promises to transform wireless using new radio techniques and new spectrum, providing the next big growth engine for radio components.  This report provides an introduction to Massive MIMO, radio architectures, semiconductor process technologies and components for 5G in the sub-6 and millimeter wave bands in light of projected 5G system demand, recent product announcements, trade-offs and remaining challenges to 5G.

Note: A similar version of this report was published under the title 5G Developments and What They Mean for the Compound Semiconductor Industry by the Advanced Semiconductor Applications group.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary4
2.    Introduction6
3.    5G7
3.1    The Backdrop to 5G7
3.2    The 5G Vision9
3.3    The 5G Network11
3.4    5G Network Realization12
3.4.1    MIMO14
3.4.2    Beamforming / Beam Steering16
3.5    5G Massive MIMO20
3.5.1    MIMO Architectures and Technology22
3.5.2    Architecture Implications on Fabrication Technology24
4.    5G Frequency Plan27
5.    Progress and Challenges30
5.1    Sub-6 GHz Radio Components31
5.2    Millimeter Wave Radio Components31
5.2.1    Anokiwave32
5.2.2    Gapwaves33
5.2.3    Infineon34
5.2.4    Movandi34
5.2.5    pSemi (A Murata Company)35
5.2.6    Qualcomm35
5.2.7    Qorvo36
5.2.8    Taoglas39
5.3    Network Equipment39
5.4    User Equipment40
5.5    The Business Case41
6.    5G System Forecast45

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